Grizzly Imploded:
2 guitars and a drums that growl in an oppressive and decontrolled way.

Contact: stronglyimploded [+at+] gmail [+dot+] com

They play improvised music with traditional rock instrumentation (two guitars and drums), also if there’s almost no rock remaining here: metals, growlings, screechings, feedbacks, decontrolled and crazy dynamics, populated by micro-events that explode then into full of tension noise textures. Their attitude is radical, because is based on total free improvisation, so that every concert is unique and completely focused on the moment. Their sound is direct and essential, no effects, no adornments, a sound research focused only on the timbrical and physical possibilities of their instruments, trying to breach the limit of ricognizable and intelligibile through a play of mimicry, mutations and pursuit. Their music results therefore like a journey in an unsettling freaky world, populated by apparently known beings, that suddenly drop the mask and reveal their monstrous essence.” (Flussi festival 2014)