“Anabasi” reviewed on Vital Weekly 896

Grizzly Imploded is a trio from Italy that play improvised music with a lot energy, violence and power. Francesco Gregoretti (drums), Maurizio Argenziano and Sergio Albano (both on guitar), but somehow I always seem to think there is a lot of electronics at play also. Maybe I am just wrong. Here we have six pieces that last about thirty minutes and lets us enjoy the band we know by now. Heavy pieces of improvised music, which are sometimes not very loud, such as in the opening piece ‘After Have Lost His Head He Escaped’, which is moving like a slow yet vicious snake through the grass. There is in this music always an imminent explosion around the corner, such as the heavy ‘Transfigured Into Feelings Of Anxiety And Fear’. Totally free music with a ton of energy running around, leaving the listener either flat out or totally re-vitalized. There is no way this music leaves us indifferent. I was thinking of my local heroes Donne & Desiree, who walk a similar path of free musical expression and who invoke with me a similar feeling. I am sure there are plenty more. Free improvisation meets the edges of punk rock. Loud and clear over and out. (Frans de Waard)